Dear athletes, lovers of nature and socializing! 

We are happy to inform you that Šlarafija is the new partner of the Tour de Fun sports association from this year on, and you must have wondered 


Schlarafia is a family business. We sincerely believe that the family is the core that, with other families of equally solid structure, gives a stable honeycomb, making our society a valuable, cheerful and honey-bearing hive. 

For years, we have developed sleeping products that connect family members in the most intimate segments of their daily lives, from which new lives were born, experiencing the most emotional periods and creating intimacy and warmth.

Now we have stepped forward, determined to imprint memories to experiences in nature, support healthy growing up, development through sports and recreation, and spread a good word about those who share our beliefs. 

That is why the Sport & Recovery program by Schlarafia is intended for athletes, recreationists, convalescents, as well as children, and the main feature of the products from this line is that the entire range is made of certified materials without harmful substances. Our mats are intended to be top support for exercisers, children playing, as well as for those who are in the recovery phase. 

As the Tour de Kop is a cheerful family-sports event that brings together cyclists, their family members, friends and mountain lovers, and inspires everyone to give their best without competitive motives, we easily recognized that this is the honeycomb that fits perfectly into our idea of a hive. 

Therefore, we are proud to be able to contribute to the organization of this event and jointly spread a beautiful story about cycling, hiking, ecology, socializing and every engagement that makes a person productive and noble. 

We have prepared an educational lecture on the importance of quality sleep for all participants of the Tour de Kop – we will reveal what lies behind the phenomenon of sleep physiology, and a workshop on functional stretching on Sport & Recovery by Schlarafia mats to support recovery of tired muscles. 

See you on Kopaonik from August 18 to 22, 2021

Photos: @djurafiskultura