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Sports mat is a part of almost every one of your workouts, which is why you should carefully choose the surface your body comes into contact with.

SPORT&RECOVERY by Schlarafia mats are made from certified materials tested for the absence of harmful substances, providing you with a stable surface and a healthy area for exercising, regardless of the sport you practice.

Scroll down and choose a healthy sports mat for yourself or your workout space!

SPORT&RECOVERY by Schlarafia sports mats are unique, ecologically sustainable, innovative exercise surfaces designed to provide healthy and adequate support during workouts.

They are made from carefully selected materials of optimal density, and coated with certified materials that DO NOT CONTAIN PHTHALATES, making them a safe exercise surface for all age groups.

FizioFitness mat

The FizioFitnes mat is intended for use in individual exercise, fitness sports in fitness centres as well as outdoors, for collective and individual sports trainings.

General purpose mat (school mat)

This mat is intended for use in individual exercise, fitness sports, physical education classes, collective and individual sports training, as well as for horizontal protection of play and stay places for children.

Tatami Pro mat

The Tatami Pro mat is intended for training and competition in martial arts. The mat of appropriate strength and height allows safe practicing of martial arts.

Gymnastic mat

The gymnastic mat is intended for use in individual practice of gymnastic sports, and its structure allows you safe landings and falls during exercise.

Who can exercise on S&R mats?

  • Professional athletes
  • Recreational athletes
  • Environmentally conscious enthusiasts who exercise in nature
  • Fitness trainers
  • Coaches of individual and team sports
  • Physical education teachers
  • Doctors and physiotherapists
  • Recovering patients
  • Elderly citizens
  • Teachers and children in daycares

    Intended use:

    • Indoor and outdoor
    • Ideal for exercises at home and in private workout rooms
    • Fitness centers and gyms
    • Gymnastics workout rooms (horizontal and vertical use)
    • Martial arts workout rooms (horizontal and vertical use)
    • Physical education classrooms
    • Rehabilitation centers and other physiotherapy clinics
    • Daycare centers and children’s play areas
    • Nursing homes for the elderly.