In addition to the sports spirit, the values we share with our associates, professional athletes, but sports enthusiasts also, are love for family and nature. 

We share with you only a small part of the atmosphere from the Tour De Kop event between August 18 and 22, where we, together with friends from Tour De Kop and with the professional support of sports professors from our team, in addition to great bike climbs through breathtaking Kopaonik, organized a space for stretching after cycling activities on innovative SPORT & RECOVERY mats for all participants of the event, and shared facts about the importance of stretching before and after sports activities, but also about how important sleep is for proper and healthy functioning of the body.

Fotografije @djurafiskultura

Fotografije @milosmilenkovic_photo

Do sledećeg okupljanja… sportski pozdrav od SPORT&RECOVERY by Schlarafia ekipe!

Naslovna fotografija: @djurafiskultura